A broadband eccentric annular slot antenna

A Low-Frequency Annular-Slot Antenna James R. W ait The radiation characteristics of an annular slot cut in an ideally conducting ground plane are discussed. The voltage impressed between the concentric edges is assumed to be constant around the slot. The annular slot is backed by a hemispherical cavity which has

Microwave Engineering Corporation | Omni-Directional Antennas L-BAND ANNULAR SLOT ANTENNAS. M.E.C.’s c390-152 L-band annular slot, flush-mount antennas feature an omni-directional azimuth pattern and high peak power handling capability. Its radiation pattern and gain are similar to a matched quarterwave monopole. This antenna meets MIL-A-25707 and is designed to IFF and/or TACAN applications. A broadband eccentric annular slot antenna - IEEE Conference ... Abstract: We have proposed and investigated broadband eccentric annular slot antennas as an effective way to achieve a wider bandwidth in annular slot ...

Lei Ge, Chow-Yen-Desmond Sim, Chuan-Wei Lin and Ting-An Chen, "Eccentric Annular Slot Patch Antenna with Frequency Agility for UHF RFID Reader Applications," International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering, vol. 27, no.2, pp. 1-9, Oct. 2016.

Design and Analysis of Annular Ring Slot MSA for wireless Abstract— In this paper the design and analysis of annular ring slot microstrip antenna is presented. The design frequency of antenna is 2.1 GHz and used substrate for the fabrication of the proposed antenna is FR4. After simulation and testing return losses of about -14 dB, -14 dB, -19 dB and -10 dB Broadband Annular Ring Microstrip Antennas | Products M. Park, "A broadband eccentric annular ring microstrip slot antenna :' Joumol of the Korea Elecfmmagnetic EngineeringSo&*, vol. Asia-pacific abstracts 66) A Broadband Eccentric Annular Ring Microstrip Slot Antenna , by Young Hoon Suh, Ikmo Park (School of Elec- tronics Engineering, Ajou University): JKEES, vol. SINGLE-FEED CIRCULARLY POLARIZED ANNULAR SLOT … 2018-1-14 · Abstract|A novel dual-broadband circularly polarized folded slot antenna with single-feed is presented. The proposed antenna consists of two folded annular slots. By adjusting the asymmetric widths of the two slots, circularly polarized radiation can be achieved in two difierent bands. By optimizing the parameters of the proposed antenna, two

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Slot Antenna

by Chen et al for wideband operation [8]. A microstrip-fed reconfigurable eccentric annular ring slot antenna with switchable polarization is demonstrated by Sim ...

Aug 8, 2018 ... A single-feed tri-band CP annular slot antenna is designed to operate ..... BR (2003) Analysis of two-concentric annular ring microstrip antenna. Broadband Circularly Polarized Slot Antenna Loaded by a Multiple ... Various broadband CP slot antennas have been developed [6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 ..... of a microstrip-line-fed circularly polarized annular-ring slot antenna. "Tapered loop antenna element," US D598,433, August 18, 2009.

Harris’ Q134 Antenna offers the latest in fully conformal, low RCS antenna. The Q134 antenna capitalizes on Harris’ proven annular-slot technology providing a 3.7:1 operating bandwidth, which exceeds the useful bandwidth of most blades and other exposed apertures. In addition to the broad operating bandwidth, the Q134 also

Broadband Circularly Polarized Annular-Ring Microstrip Abstract: A wideband circularly polarized (CP) annular-ring patch antenna with two proximity-coupled L-probe feeds orientated to have phases of 0 deg and 90 deg, using a broadband 90 deg hybrid feed, is proposed. It is found that the current distribution for CP operation can be improved by cutting a smaller concentric circular slot on the original larger circular patch to form an annular-ring TANGENTIALLY FED BROADBAND ANNULAR SLOT … 2009-11-12 · TANGENTIALLY FED BROADBAND ANNULAR SLOT ANTENNA FOR WLAN APPLICATIONS Philippe Minard, Ali Louzir THOMSON multimedia, Corporate Research 1 Avenue Belle-Fontaine, BP 19, 35511 Cesson-Sévigné Cedex – France Pattern and Frequency Reconfigurable Annular … 2011-8-18 · Pattern and Frequency Reconfigurable Annular Slot Antenna Using PIN Diodes_专业资料 108人阅读|11次下载 Pattern and Frequency Reconfigurable Annular Slot

the work in [18], a broadband CP cylindrical DRA with annular slot excitation is investigated here. Figure 1 shows the geometry of the proposed antenna. The cylindrical DR has a radius of a = 5mm, a height of d = 12mm and a relative permittivity "d =